Field stations

A Public-Private research Partnership

Rural coastal Virginia presents a rare opportunity—numerous publicly owned properties and buildings for real-world product testing and development—an unequaled living laboratory for testing the best climate resilience and adaptation solutions, and the chance to make a positive impact quickly. Explore each of these nine properties that are among the best field station opportunities* for research.

*The total inventory includes over 50 properties and these may also be available to suit individual research requirements.

Multi-use Public Land Access

The Middle Peninsula Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority (MP-PAA) offers access to public waters and recreational lands. Shorelines are high-priority natural areas and it is critical to set aside access sites for all types of recreational activities important to our economy and to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. These MP-PAA properties can be reserved online for outdoor recreational activities like hunting, hiking nature trails, fishing, crabbing, boating, and many others. Be mindful of users engaged in these activities while conducting research at any of the sites.

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